Pam Davison: The whispering forest of memories

The whispering forest of memories is a fully immersive installation that creates a metaphysical forest of memories. Pam Davison has reunited with couture designer Linda Britten, stage and theatre director Cameron Menzies’ and creative director Tim Britten-Finschi to examine, grow and challenge the notion of the interactive installation.

This exhibition brings together couture, theatre and floristry in a powerful collaborative response to Pam’s photography and storytelling techniques. Following the success of the 2017 VAMFF installation Memories are the fabric of a family, Alongside Australia’s foremost floral artist Victoria Whitelaw, the collective embark on a journey exploring the intricacies of friendships and memories.

The installation showcases couture designer Linda Britten’s Gown’s of Memory collection inspired by Davison's photography. With sound design by Russell Goldsmith, Cameron Menzies’ and Tim Britten-Finschi’s creative direction brings the installation to life, creating a liminal world that lies between a fixed state and a fabricated state.

Pam's distinctive photography style gives small glimpses of moments in time, accompanied with poetic narratives to create a sense of reflection and nostalgia. Her work explores her personal memories, while her use of layering and metaphors allow the viewer to look and explore their own memories.

“I am intrigued by memories and their stories. How we keep memories alive. How memories change.” Pam Davison

Step into the forest through draped canopies of printed fabric into a surreal world of faded memories. As you journey through the surreal forest hopefully your own treasured memories will be sparked back into the fore of your mind.

VIP night will be held as an invitation only event, where drinks and canapés will be served.  Request an invitation at